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If you've decided to refinish the hardwood floors and other wooden surfaces in your home, you'll probably have already considered hiring one or more types of floor sanders to get the job done. While you're probably aware that you need both a drum or orbital floor sander and a smaller handheld edge or belt sander for the floors, you might not have considered a buffer machine hire.

Buffer machines are as essential as floor sanders if you're planning on going all out and including polishing and finishing to your process of hardwood refinishing. Buffer machine hire is for those perfectionists that intend to labor over the smallest of imperfections transforming them meticulously.

Once you've finished with the regular sanding process using floor sanders, you'll probably want to lacquer your wooden floor. It's after you apply the first coat that your buffer machine hire comes into the picture. It's a great device to remove grain raising and to sand the floor in between lacquer coats.

Those who've never done this before need not get overly anxious about the handling of your buffer machine hire. It's very gentle on the floor and is only known to do a gentle sanding job. It's a great device to use if you're after a stain to change the look of your home. It also works very well for distributing oil on a wooden floor or buffing a floor that's been oiled.

Check out the different buffer machine hire models available before you hit the stores. This is easily done by browsing through websites that offer such equipment for sale or rent. Some such websites also give you a discount for buffer machine hire online. Of course, it's also better if you can get a hands-on experience, trying them out at the store to see which one feels the most comfortable to wield.

As with other such machines, buffer machine hire can be done on a daily, weekly and weekend basis. If you've hired one for a day and haven't finished all your work, you can extend the period by another day for an additional charge that's specified at the time of the buffer machine hire. Weekly hire, by some rental shops, are limited to the five business days of the week because of the separate rates that apply to buffer machine hire over the weekends.

Prices for buffer machine hire for a single day range between £25 and £58. An additional day's use could cost between £20 to £50 extra (on top of the first day's rental charge). Weekend charges range between £30 and £55. Prices are also subject to the size with mini buffers costing lesser to hire than heavy-duty models. The Bona brand of buffer are the most expensive to hire.

Remember to choose a shop or online business that offers to demonstrate the procedure of using the buffer machine you hire. This is especially important for first-timers as it helps you avoid both mishaps and the unnecessary wastage of time. There are shops that also deliver and pickup the buffer machines they rent out.

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