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Homes with hardwood floors and stairs are a beauty to behold with the warm tones of the wood adding a glow to the interiors. These floors allow you to dispense with carpeting which can not only be expensive to install but also be challenging to maintain. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, require only a little effort to ‘renew' and ‘renovate' and are known to be hygienic as well.

Wondering what I'm talking about? Well, I'm referring to the floor sanding process that it's now possible to undertake with any of the floor sanders that are available on hire these days. Compared to the cost of carpeting or maintaining the carpet, a drum or orbital sander in conjunction with edge sander hire can be several times cheaper.

The job isn't all that difficult either, primarily requiring a good investment of time and patience. Choose a drum floor sander and you'll probably get done with most of the work in no time at all. The job your edge sander hire is for will take a little longer though.

In fact, edge sander hire is of vital importance regardless of the type of main floor sander you decide to opt for. If you've never embarked on such a renovation project, you're probably wondering why I'm insisting on edge sander hire in this case. Well, larger floor sanders like the drum and the orbital are round in shape and can't really access those areas that are closest to walls. You can count on the edge sander hire to get those areas to match the other renovated parts of your hardwood floor. Edge sander hire can also make sense if you've made use of hardwood to build staircases in your home as the bulkier floor sanders won't be able to do justice on the relatively narrow tread space.

Edge sander hire is available at numerous outlets that deal in the hiring of such equipment. There are several businesses that devote themselves exclusively to the rent, repair and sale of floor sanders. The staff at these shops are almost always more than willing to give you the benefit of their experience and expertise in the form of free advice or even demonstrations on using the equipment in the best way to avoid mishaps of any sort. Just tell them the kind of look you're aiming for (matte, stain, gloss, etc) and take note of ways in which you can go about turning that into a reality.

Drum and Edge sander hire can also be done over the internet with many companies exerting their presence online. Their websites list the various models available for rent and highlight their prime features so customers are aware of what they're renting. Rates are also published on their website making it possible for you to compare the prices of edge sander hire and other floor sanders' rent on several websites before settling for the best one. Edge sander hire, as other floor sanders, are priced on a daily or weekly basis with some businesses offering to drop off and pick up the equipment as well.

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