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Some of us thrive on DIY jobs around the home. One such opportunity presents itself for homeowners with hardwood floors. Sanding all hardwood surfaces in the home can transform the look of your home leaving you with a feeling of being well-rewarded for your efforts.

Helping you accomplish this job are a number of websites online. They include both blogs and websites detailing the entire process for each type of finish you could desire (matte, gloss or stained) as well as offering all the necessary equipment for hire.

The main equipment you'll need to accomplish this task are floor sanders. This includes the all important handheld sander hire which has as important a role to play as the main floor sander. If you're not familiar with the process of floor sanding you'll naturally wonder why handheld sander hire is essential to the process. Well, to put it succinctly, they come do the same job that the larger floor sanders get done in places these large equipments would fail to access. And, I'm not talking about nooks but rather the edges along your walls and the little grooves in the wall that round shaped drum and orbital sanders can't reach. Your handheld sander hire, on the other hand, will easily reach and transform these areas (right up to the skirting) to your satisfaction even if they end up taking more time than the drum sander.

While the larger heavy-duty sanders weigh more and require serious muscle power to wield, your handheld sander hire will be much more comfortable to use. There's also a lesser chance of damage or scratches caused by their use allowing you to relax as you accomplish your task.

Handheld sander hire covers a variety of types and models of sanders. One feature that most of them now have in common is their dust-free nature. A pouch that collects all the dust resulting from the process keeps the entire operation dust free an essential feature for those allergic to dust particles.

The various handheld sander hire models include such types as edge sanders, belt sanders (great for banisters), orbital, palm sanders etc with the weight ranging between 0.95 7.3 kgs. Some handheld sander hire outlets also offer such types as triangle sanders which can also be used on window frames among other things. This device comes with self-adhesive sand sheets that are easy to change and are priced between £11 and £18 a day.

A word of caution however, before you undertake a handheld sander hire, all such equipment work really well when certain precautions are taken and when these devices are used in the right manner. It's essential that you get this right. Don't rush through your handheld sander hire process just because you're getting a great rate. Take a little time out and ask the personnel at the rental store to show you the best way to use the machine and explain all precautionary measures you need to take while using your handheld sander hire. Provided you don't skip this essential step, you'll do a fine job of transforming all your hardwood surfaces.

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