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Once you've finished sanding your wood floor and giving it a brand new look, the question that arises is how to maintain your sanded floor so it stays looking that same way. Your concern about how to maintain your sanded floor is a valid one given the amount of time and patience you've invested in accomplishing the sanding of your entire house. Not many floor sanding contractors and rentals are willing or knowledgeable enough to tell you how to maintain your sanded floor. I will attempt in this article to give you as many answers as I can covering all the various aspects in involved in answering your question of how to maintain your sanded floor.

Before I get into the details of how to maintain your sanded floor, let me emphasize that this process requires very little and easy maintenance.

Here are the answers to the many questions I've come across:
  • How to maintain your sanded floor with cleaners: Using water based cleaners for your wooden floor is the best way to go provided your floor has been refinished with three generous coats of “oil modified Polyurethane,” or four separate coats of any finish that's water based. Urethanes cured by moisture and pre-catalyzed finished are also water resistant. If your floor sports a factory finish then use a damp mop, instead of a wet one, dipped in a water based cleaner to clean your wooden floor.
  • How to maintain your sanded floor that has just been finished: Make use of a cleaner that's has a neutral PH value. Remember to do this only after your new finish has had time to cure. This duration ranges from 2 weeks to one month depending on the type of finish you apply – oil or water based.
  • How to maintain your sanded floor when it has gained deep scratches: If your refinished floor has gained deep scratches, the best way to deal with it is to fill the grooves with a couple of coats of floor finish. This will need to be applied with an artist's brush.
  • How to maintain your sanded floor so it appears shiny and new: This can be accomplished by waxing your floor. This process has gotten easier with time. The new water based wax available in the market allows you to simply apply the wax and leave it to dry without the need for any buffing. This needs to be done a couple of times a year when you'll have to strip the old layer of wax off before you put on the new one. Those of you with prefinished floors should use floor refreshers for the same effect.
  • How to maintain your sanded floor when you don't know what finish they have on them: The first step involved will be to identify the soundness of your finish. This can be done by first cleaning the floor of all wax and then pouring a few drops of water on an area of the floor that's well worn. If it stays on the wood, your finish is sound and can be maintained by water based cleaners and wax. If however, the water seeps into the wood then the finish isn't the best and you should use mineral spirits to wash your floor. Waxing such an unsound finish calls for a paste wax that's solvent based.

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