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Planning on getting your floors sanded this holiday season? Well, you've chosen the most economical way to go about renovating your home and giving it a new look. However, if this is your first attempt at it then you'll probably be wondering where to begin and how to prepare your floor for sanding. Well, not many of us can answer the ‘how to prepare your floor for sanding' question off the top of our heads. But keep reading you should be able to find out all you need to know about how to prepare your floor for sanding.

Knowing how to prepare your floor for sanding will allow you to take the necessary steps at the start that will drastically reduce the amount of work involved. There are several things that need to be done before you start on the sanding process. The very first answer to your question of how to prepare your floor for sanding is to clear out all the furniture in the space you want to refinish. This includes wall art, any floor covering you might have, drapes, books, plants, clothes, shoes, etc. As far as possible ensure that your room's bare. This is because the job generates sand dust that can end up coating every available surface in the room. Food items should also be sealed off to avoid imbibing the vapors that the urethane coating can give off.

Now, you need to examine your floor and repair it where required. You'll need a claw hammer, a nail set or a punch and finishing nails that are 11/4 or 11/2 inch in size. Get down on your hands and knees and examine the floor. Nail down loose boards and flatten nails that are above floor level so they don't interfere with the process.

Now, try to seal off the room you'll be working in so all the sawdust you generate doesn't have a chance to get into all the other parts of the house requiring a back-breaking amount of time cleaning up when you're done sanding. Make use of masking tapes to block the gaps under your doors if necessary.

If your floor is waxed or clogged with dirt, this is a good time to take off the by means of a wax remover and wash away the dirt with soap and water you need to. Once you're done with that, you'll be ready to begin the floor sanding process.

The steps mentioned above might come across as elementary but not being aware of how to prepare your floor for sanding can result in a lot of double work you won't enjoy. There's no excuse today for not knowing how to prepare your floor for sanding, with so many online resources providing the necessary information in the form of easy to understand steps.

Bookmarking all the sites that provide answers to this vital question – how to prepare your floor for sanding – is a great idea as it's a job you perform infrequently and can forget over time. If the internet is not your cup of tea, then try picking up a book that tells you how to prepare your floor for sanding.

Make the effort to get your hands on such a resource and you won't need to ask anyone else about how to prepare your floor for sanding.

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