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How to sand a wooden floor

It's important that you read up and learn as much as you can about how to sand a wooden floor before you actually undertake the task. This is vital if you don't want to end up with a floor that's gouged and scratched by the floor sanding machine.

Reading up and learning more about how to sand a wooden floor is made easy by the numerous websites that provide this information for your benefit.

There are articles that teach you how to sand a wooden floor regardless of the type of wood your floor's made of – from oak to timber and bamboo to pine.

Let's take a quick look at some of the most common “how to sand a wooden floor” questions.
  1. How to sand a wooden floor without spending too much: The best way to accomplish this is by hiring out a floor sander from a hardware rental store nearby. These stores often deliver and pick up the machinery involved and also give you a demo of how best to use the floor sanders you've hired. Doing it yourself is not as difficult as you assume it to be, though it might be time consuming.
  2. How to sand a wooden floor without being affected by the dust and noise: The easiest way to escape the saw dust is to hire a floor sander that comes with a dust bag attached. This will suction almost all the dust that results from the process. Protecting your ears against the noise is the only way to deal with this noisy process. Make use of a good pair of ear plugs to keep the noise at acceptable levels.
  3. How to sand a wooden floor with coarse grade sanding: Working in a diagonal manner works best. If your floor's deeply stained then crisscrossing the room with the floor sander will help eradicate them. Choose a sanding sheet based on the state of your floor. If yours isn't very deeply stained then start with a medium grade. If it is badly stained start with the coarse grade sanding sheets and work across the space, overlapping strips but making sure your machine isn't stationary even for a few seconds.
  4. How to sand a wooden floor with medium grade sanding: Once you've taken care of the worst stains, attach medium grade sand paper to your floor sander and work it in the same direction as your wooden boards. You can follow this process with fine grade sanding sheets moving in the same direction.
  5. How to sand a wooden floor around the edges and corners: For the edges around the wooden skirting make use of an edging sander that's round. Make use of the same grade of sanding sheets in the same order as you used them for the rest of the room. Work as close to the skirting as you can. For the corners make use of a smaller sized orbital sander. Make sure to clean your corners of all dirt first though. You now know how to sand a wooden floor in theory. Get to the practical part and get that new look you've been craving for.

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