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Hardwood floors add a natural beauty to a home that's not many other floors can emulate even though many of us despair of the way in which its original beauty fades over the years. The good news however, is that stains and scratches notwithstanding, hardwood floors can be restored to their original beauty by means of different types of floor sanders.

These different types of floor sanders help you get rid of all the stains and scratches your hardwood floor has gathered over time. Currently there are four types of floor sanders available – drum, orbital, square and edging. Let's take a quick look at each type.

1. Drum floor sanders: The most common among the various types of floor sanders, drum sanders are designed with replaceable sand paper wrapped around the drum which rotates in a fast and aggressive manner. They come in a variety of styles from those attached to motors and drills to hand-held models. This type of floor sanders can not only be moved around in all directions but also up or down depending on the pressure required to refinish your hardwood floor. They come in a variety of sizes and are popular because they can get the job done very quickly and efficiently provided one is operating in a large enough space and knows how to use the machine. Because of their size and the speed with which this type of floor sanders accomplish the job, they need to be moved around quickly or they can end up gouging a hole in your floor and damaging it badly. Also, the sanding of wood grain at right angles can create scratches in the floor.

2. Orbital floor sanders: This type of floor sanders are hand-held devices that rotate in small circles which is why they are referred to as ‘orbital.' These floor sanders are ideal for smaller spaces such as narrow hallways, entrances, etc. The best thing about an orbital floor sander is that it doesn't leave any scratches on your hardwood floor as no part of the abrasive sand paper passes over the same area twice. However, with that advantage also comes a disadvantage – its lack of speed. This type of floor sanders can take a long time to get the job done as compared to drum sanders. Most people use orbital floor sanders only for refinishing hardwood floors in confined spaces, preferring the drum sander in larger spaces.

3. Square floor sanders: These are among the newer types of floor sanders available and as the name denotes, they consist of a square shaped sanding pad. Square sanders aren't as aggressive as drum sanders and don't cause scratches either. However, this means, they take longer to get the job done. The advantage of this type of floor sanders is their shape which allows you to access parts of your hardwood floor that are within an inch of your wall.

4. Edging sanders: These types of floor sanders are used in conjunction with drum sanders as they're much smaller in size and can reach areas close to walls that a drum sander can't reach.

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