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Why hire a floor sander

Once you've decided to floor sand your home, you'll probably be confused about whether to hire or buy a floor sander. There are many answers to the numerous questions that begin with “why hire a floor sander…? Let's take a look at some of them.

Why hire a floor sander when you can get professionals to come and do the job for you?

Well, if you have the money and can easily afford that outlay of cash then just sit back and watch as they transform your house. However, if you're interested in getting the job done economically, then hiring out a floor sander and doing it yourself is the best way to go about it.

Why hire a floor sander when I could buy one, a friend once asked me.

Again this depends on the amount of money you are willing to set aside for this project. If like most of us you're looking to get your hardwood floor refinished with the least expense involved, then buying your own floor sander is out of the question as it calls for a large investment of cash. Also consider the maintenance involved.

Why hire a floor sander when you can save yourself the hassle and carpet the floor?

The answer to that lies not only in economy but also hygiene. Carpets encourage the growth of bacteria and trap dirt. The Institute of Carpet Hygiene (ICH) recently found out through research that carpets harbor dirt and bacteria even when vacuumed every day.

Why hire a floor sander when you know nothing about the process of floor sanding?

There is a certain enjoyment and satisfaction when you undertake and accomplish a DIY job. There are several resources online that explain the process in detail helping beginners accomplish the process without any undue hassle. The hire shop also gives you a demo to acquaint you with the working of the machine.

Why hire a floor sander that's heavy and hard to manage?

Well, there are other floor sanders that aren't as difficult to manage. These include orbital and belt sanders which are also gentler on the floor allowing even novices to use them without causing any damage to the flooring.

Why hire a floor sander that's dusty and noisy?

Well, floor sanders are known to be noisy machines and call for ear protection or plugging if the noise gets on your nerves. However, almost all models available today come with dust bags that suction and collect the dust that results from sanding a floor.

Why hire a floor sander when it is essentially resulting in a thinner wood floor?

Floor sanders will remove only as much wood off the top as you decide. It all depends on the grits you use. Your aim should be to sand the minimum amount of wood off your floor. Selecting the right sand paper with just enough abrasive will do the job without damaging your wood floor.

Why hire a floor sander when sanding can be done by hand?

This is a labor intensive method that takes up a lot of time. It would be relatively dirt cheap but do you have the time and the energy for all that manual labor? Those are all the questions that start with “why hire a floor sander,” that I recall being asked over the years.

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