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Sailing lesson prices

Sailing lesson prices different in each sailing school and these are according to RYA guidelines. For example Euphoria sailing price list details about various sailing lesson courses offered. RYA power boat courses for Level 1, the price is £120 per person and the duration of the course is one day. For Level 2 the price is £240 per person and the duration of the course is 2 days. Safety Boat course charges are £240 per person and the duration of course is 2 days. Discount facility is also available for every three persons booking. Fee for tuition on own boat is £75 per person for a single day. There are totally four RYA courses which are Half Day Taster which charges £50 per person and awards a certificate, one day course charges £90 per person, two day course charges £160 per person, four day course charges £300 per person. All of these courses offer four hours of teaching theoretically and around the water.

It is important to understand on what basis sailing prices are fixed. Depending on the duration of the course and course content, the prices are fixed. But there is no perfect formula as to which course can be under-priced or which course can be over-priced. There are certain few things which will be taken into consideration for fixing sailing lesson prices. Firstly, price per hour which includes, practical lesson, theory aspects and the teaching of instructor. Technically this involves only expert level of knowledge to teach lessons to the students and further there are usage of boats, equipment and practice on waters. Some students may learn the sailing lessons at a fast pace and others may learn on a slow pace. So depending on the level of knowledge that is required by each learner, cost per hour is fixed for learning sailing lesson.

Higher quality of instruction will be more high in price on hourly basis which ranges between $ 19 to $ 25 and this is quite justifiable as sailing lessons will be administered by highly experienced professionals. Further, the costs incurred by sailing schools also have to be included in the sailing lesson prices. The instruction manuals, processing of certification, salaries to instructors, administration expenses and management of sailing school are all some of the hidden costs which will be included in the sailing lesson prices. This is to ensure that effective and efficient management is made by the sailing school. Further the school must pay for the land, operating expenses and other fixed costs. Sailing school must also make some profits so that owners receive rewards on the investments made by them. Finally there is also risk management and this risk may include less number of students learning sailing school lessons or poor running of business or if any natural calamity occurs, there is business loss to the sailing schools.

Sailing lessons prices are very reasonable and moderate in charges with the fact that the sailing sport is a very luxurious event and recreation and it requires lot of professional skill and knowledge to sail on waters.

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